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Statement By NCFJE Chair, Rabbi Shea Hecht: School Choice

Rabbi Shea Hecht issued an urgent call to action regarding ongoing efforts for parental choice in education. "The greatest domestic crisis in America is our failed educational system, and the manner is which it is taxed and funded is an affront to religious liberty. We need to learn the lessons of history and speak out when our individual and religious liberty is being violated.

"A coalition of organizations and private citizens from a broad cross section of the community has formed to make parental choice in education a reality. We have schedualled a rally in front of the Essex County Courthouse, 50 West Market Street, Newark, on Thursday, July 2, from noon to 2:00 P.M.

As this is obviously a matter of Hatzalas Nefashos, everyone who cares about the future of education should make an effort to attend this event."

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They Should Rabbi Sh.I. Popack the education chief.
posted by Guest at Thursday, July-09-2009 8:17am

gr8 to see unity

This is obviously an effort by more than just one organization so its not NCFJE's call as to where or when it is. But Yasher Koach to them for getting involved and getting us involved. People make lots of reasons to go places and do things, lets make our kids futures enough of a reason to get to this gathering and make it happen!
posted by Guest at Tuesday, June-30-2009 12:45pm

to Untitled

if they would make it in CH no one will attend
posted by Guest at Tuesday, June-30-2009 12:09pm

TO Untitled

(I thiunk)Its ONLY for school educaters
posted by Guest at Tuesday, June-30-2009 12:05pm


BTW no one will be in the city during that time so why make it when no one is around?
posted by Guest at Tuesday, June-30-2009 12:03pm


Cant they make it in crown heights?
posted by Guest at Tuesday, June-30-2009 11:59am


wow. yasher koiach rabbi hecht
posted by Guest at Monday, June-29-2009 8:22pm

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