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4 Car Accident In CH On President Btween Brooklyn & Kingston

CROWN HEIGHTS [CHN] — An accident on President Street turned chaotic after one of the drivers attempted to flee the scene – on foot, only to be chased down and apprehended not even a block away.

The accident occurred in the intersection of Albany Avenue and President Street at around 7:00pm where the driver of a gypsy cab smashed into the side of a Honda Pilot, and after stopping briefly he attempted to speed off only the driver of the Honda chased him down and cut him off.

Once stopped the driver got out of the car, took his bag out of the trunk, and began walking briskly down away only to be chased down by a throng of bystanders including members of Hatzalah and Shmira.

Once police arrived on scene they looked into the fleeing driver’s background and found that he had a suspended license and was placed under arrest. The driver of the Honda was treated for shock and transported to a local hospital by Hatzalah.

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Run Forrest, Run!
posted by Guest at Wednesday, August-24-2011 3:08pm


WOW! East Midwood VAC is WAAAAAY out of their normal area. I guess buffing in the F got boring so they headed into the CH
posted by Guest at Wednesday, August-24-2011 3:08pm

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