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Bnos Menachem Preps Production

Bnos Menachem girls school of Crown Heights is gearing up for their song and dance production, the story of a young Jewish heroine who courageously saves her community.

Students at Bnos Menachem school in Crown Heights are gearing up for their annual song and dance production to take place this Sunday, March 4.

Based on the classic Marcus Lehman book "The Adopted Princess," the show will depict the poignant story of an isolated Jewish girl whose steadfast emunah leads her home, where she courageously faces her past to save the Jewish community. 

The show, directed by Nechama Dina Weiss, Chana Winner, andRochel Shira Horowitz, will incorporate beautiful dances, moving performances, choirs, solos, and more, all capturing the royal dignity inherent in every Jewish girl and woman. 

Please call (718) 493-1100 #116, (347) 992-3708, or stop by Judaica World for tickets. 

The show will take place Sunday, March 4, at 2:20 pm and 6:30 pm at 400 Empire Blvd. (corner of New York Ave.).

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